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Panacea is consistently researching and upgrading the black salve procedure. Previously the normal known procedure was to use black salve on its own. This had limited results and required users with more than one spot to have to keep using black salve for years. They kept coming back and users did not know how to use their diet and black salve as an effective preventative or how to use the salve to check for suspect spots after surgery. Thankfully after 3 years of research results, our program has found what to use with black salve and what to keep in the diet to ensure the best success.

Just non-melanoma skin cancers alone cost the Australian health system more than $500m in 2010 and are expected to cost $700m by the year 2015. Reference. Cancer statistics are set to DOUBLE by the year 2050.

Preventative medicine will be the only way to manage these statistics, In 2001 the annual cost to the Australian tax payer for skin cancer was 300 million dollars, a figure records around 434 thousand Australians are presently suffering from non-melanoma skin cancers per year. If you divide 300 million by 434 thousand people you get a cost of $69,124.00 per INDIVIDUAL. Panacea has since couched over 3000 on record and are happy to report we have successfully couched them for less than $100.00 donation per individual.

Most of our cases were initially charged 500 for each cancer and they returned. Unlike other programs which just use “black salve” to treat skin cancer; Panacea improved the protocol and its effectiveness by using nutrition and a supplement WITH THE SALVE. Thanks to Panacea, even veteran users of the salve who were using it for YEARS can now finally have some relief and do not have to keep using it.

In 2001, the 3000 individuals we couched typically would of cost their country: 3000 X 69,124 = 2+ million. Basically Panacea has saved the tax payer OVER 2 million dollars with our alternative skin cancer treatment protocols. If the whole of Australia and other countries could become aware of our growing medical records, Panacea could go on to save BILLIONS, not just money but lives. The math is VERY simple.

The real saving in cost to compare is Panacea training 3000+ individuals in plant based whole food healing regiments for disease prevention. Panacea operates with no staff or budget, only on volunteers. The savings to the public over conventional avenues is quiet high and we have not even included the melanoma cases which we have under our belt, plus those that we will go on to help in the future. The following table is just a small SAMPLE of the happy individuals that Panacea has couched on record.

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Panacea provides full couching and this program for a minimum donation, all donations are put back into helping our public service and improving programs, your support helps us help you. If You are using Black Salve for research purposes other than skin cancer, please contact us for the latest findings and programs.

The following case files show Panacea’s volunteers who have provided medical records and given the public this educational data to show the successful results of using Black salve under the Panacea RESEARCH program. All credit to our altruistic volunteers.

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