The proceeds derived from materials offered on this website are carefully utilized toward various projects to bring about a better future for all. Please help us deliver suppressed and alternative FREE energy technologies to the public by making a donation.   There are many ways to render assistance towards the reaching of the goals of Panacea-BOCAF. You may, for instance, contribute any ideas or input – let us know of a new website or a replicable project or any such thing. You can also become a volunteer or even offer a donation. It is possible to assist the Panacea-BOCAF foundation by filling out our contact form.

The Australian division acts as the international representation of Panacea-BOCAF and is where the bulk of the work is conducted. Currently this Australian headquarters is not endorsed to allow a tax deductible donation in Australia (due to no endorsement category been given for research into suppressed free energy!) However our overseas divisions, including France, Mexico and the USA allow for a tax deductible donation if your in their country. Please consult their pages here for their contact details. For all donations In general, please contact us