Nerida & Steven

Nerida & Steven

Nerida & Steven-A Finger saved from surgery

It gives us a lot of gratitude to make a difference, especially getting results like this when working with no grant support or budget. Thankfully we found Nerida & Steven in time; we were told that doctors would of cut his finger off if we had not if intervened.

Above are pics of steve’s finger. As you can see the doctors have cut away some of his finger but wanted to cut the whole finger off. He only has one hand and 3 good working fingers which meant if they cut that finger off he would only have 2 good working fingers.

After 3 operations I said no more! –Steve and nerida

Surgery is not always the best option; the turmeric recipes provided in our program also help protect the skin from UV oxidation of the sun. Green Tea, probiotics and the internal version of the black salve are also used as part of our program, these are practical preventatives. Despite this success and failure of the surgical procedure, the mainstream still cannot peruse or educate these alternative options; they would not be able to support their business model.

Steve had to endure 2 previously failed surgeries, think of the amount of STRESS and TAX payer money of all future Australians which we could help if operating on a budget. The amount of lives we could effect may include your own or your loved one.

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