Tanya R

Tanya R

Surgery failed to remove a Melanoma


Tanya did well; and applied black salve to the area; we had a reaction exactly where the surgery was performed a year ago.

Tanya’s melanoma was rated a Clarks level 4, like most surgeries, the stem cells and cancer was still left behind, however the salve can pick it up even after YEARS after surgery. If Tanya had of known and done this program FIRST, she could of not only saved the tax payer and herself THOUSANDS, but also most importantly, Tanya would of gone home with the knowledge on how to STAY safe AND BE ABLE TO TEACH OTHERS.

Tanya was relieved to know that the Panacea program is so far showing better success. This involved Tonic III (the internal version of the salve) to clean her system, diet and a specifically prepared turmeric drink she has kept in her diet as a preventative. This success is far from what’s being taught or done in mainstream circles. Tanya knowing that she now has the salve procedure down to always check if you ‘’got it all’’ or identified the cancer and is actively using preventatives to ensure it does not come back helped Tanya’s wellbeing..

Just to share with you what Tanya said after speaking with you.

Today was the first time in a year that she felt confident and in control of the situation with her melanoma. So a huge thank you.

Warm Regards Anthony Burke and Tanya Rabe

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